Ethnic Groups of Eastern Europe in the cycle «On the Turks» from Arab geographical literature

E. S. Galkina


Arab sources provide the most detailed information on ethnic groups and early-formations of South-Eastern Europe VIII – IX centuries. The oldest surviving cycle of information about this region, as well as the Turkic steppe zone of Eurasia in the Arab tradition represented by al-Dzhayhani school traditionally referred to in the historiography, «an anonymous note», as the name of the author is not known. More precisely it should be called the story «On the Turks», as the author of the text refers the people of South-Eastern Europe to the Turks. The text of the «anonymous note» reproduce with certain variations, all the representatives of this school (Ibn Rust, al-Marvazi, Gardizi, al-Bakri, the author of an anonymous work «Hudud al-Alam» etc.). Judging by the location of nomadic ethnic groups in the «anonymous note», drafting of the document refers to the first half of the IX. That makes it an invaluable source for the history of the South Eastern Europe in the period preceding the formation of Kiev Rus.


Arab sources; «An anonymous note»; ethnogenesis; South-Eastern Europe


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