[Review of the book:] Bessudnova M. B. Rossiya i Livoniya v kontse XV veka. Istoki konflikta. M., "Kvadriga", 2015, 488 s. (Bessudnova M. B. Russia and Livonia in the end of the 15th century. Origins of a conflict. Moscow, "Quadriga" Publ., 2015. 488 p.)

A. A. Selin


M. B. Bessudnova's book devoted to Russian-Livonian relations of the end of the 15th century is a large research, based on a great massive of sources, demonstrating new, unusual for Russian historiography view on this episode of the Baltic region's history. Author's monograph, devoted to Livonia and Novgorod before military showdown with the Great Principality of Moscow in 1501, continues series of scholar's works in the field of Russian-Livonian frontier's study. A few massive of documents are putted into academic practice for the first time; it is seen obvious careen of scholar to the history of “German” Baltic. However the author solves important generalized questions, concerning Russian history as well. M. B. Bessudnova's book is a funded, monographic work.


Livonia; The Great Principality of Moscow; Novgorod; Pskov; 15th century; Ivan III; military showdown; frontier


Бессуднова М. Б. Россия и Ливония в конце XV века. Истоки конфликта. М., «Квадрига», 2015, 488 с.


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