South-West Russia in the policy of the Hungarian kingdom in the first half of the XIII century

A. B. Golovko


In the first half of XIII century Galicia has played an important role in the foreign policy of Hungary. Hungarian kingdom sought to put Galicia in a dependent position, or even trying to annex. Galicia was twice briefly occupied directly Hungary (1209 and 1214 years) and twice for longer periods fall into the addiction, in fact, becoming a vassal. In 1214 - 1218 Galician throne held a junior king Koloman, and in 1227 - 1230 and 1232 - 1234 ruler of Galicia was his younger brother Andrew. In this case the Hungarian princes depended on the local boyars, who sought to use these rulers for own purposes. In 1235 - 1238 in Galicia ruled by Mikhail Vsevolodovitch and his son Rostislav, both were depended on the Hungarian authorities too.


Galicia; Hungarian kingdom; Daniel of Galizc; Andrey II; Bela IV


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