The genealogy of concept «Old Russian nationality»: evolution of idea and terminology

N. N. Jusova


«Old Russian nationality» – a term coined by Soviet historians in the 1940 – 1950th to denote the ethnic realities of Kievan Rus. Old Russian nationality, in the opinion of Soviet historians was inspired by the tribal alliances of Eastern Slavs after their union under the control of Kiev. This nationality became the source of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian. This concept has gained in the Soviet Union official status, but it did not take Ukrainian Diaspora historians, but now this concept is questioned by some Belarusian historians too. Based on a comprehensive synthesis of published research and involvement of unpublished works and archival materials the author presents a new history of the formation and development of this concept, more accurately and fully recreates the complex situation in Soviet historiography.


Old Russian nationality; ethnogenesis; concept; historiography


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