[Review of the book:] Rakhimzyanov B. R. Kasimovskoe khanstvo (1445 – 1552 gg.). Ocherki istorii. Kazan': Tatarskoe knizhnoe izdatel'stvo, 2009. 207 s. (Rahimzianov B. R. Qasim Khanate (1445 - 1552). Essayes on history. Kazan, 2009. 207 p.).

A. V. Aksanov, S. S. Pashin


This review examines monograph of B. R. Rahimzyanov concerning history of Qasim Khanate (1445 - 1552). Reviewed work is the first research on the subject beginning from the ens of the 19th century. Ever since methodological base of history changes a lot, sources increased, appeared new questions, actualised by the contemporary society. In this light it is hard to overemphasize work of B.R. Rahimzianov.


Historiography; Qasim Khanate; Moscow


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