Archbishop Peter and Council of Lyon, 1245

A. Selart


The paper is devoted to the history of relations of the Russian medieval church with the Holy See. Based on new archival sources from the library of Lynz the author tries to establish of personality of Archbishop Peter, who attended the Council of Lyon in 1245. In the code of the XIV century from this library we can find few mentions on Archbishop Peter of "Belgraba". This allows us to identify him with the bishop of the city of Belgorod. The city was one of the oldest in Kievan Rus, and his chair was one of the most influential in the church hierarchy. Of particular importance is acquired at a time when the Metropolitan throne is vacant, and that is exactly what happened in the early 40s the XIII century. Infor-mation of the sources analyzed in the light of the eschatological views of this time. The story of "Archbishop Peter," which was originally to serve as a justification of papal policy and decisions of council of Lyon, later became popular as an eschatological text.


Church; Council of Lyon; the end of world


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