The Holy See and the Nicaean Empire in the foreign policy of Daniil of Galich

A. V. Maiorov


This paper considers the history of the first Church Union with Rome Russia and the coronation of Daniil of Galich. There is no reason to evaluate these developments as evidence of the termination of political and religious relations with the Byzantine Empire (Nicaean Empire), "escape" from Byzantium to the West. On the contrary, it is safe to assume that the history of the coronation and the union has demonstrated the inextricable link foreign policy Galicia-Volyn princes with the political course of Byzantium, not only not weakened after the events of 1204, but, apparently, even entrenched in the period of decisive efforts Nicene rulers reconquest of Constantinople by the Latins have.


Galicia-Volyn Rus; the Apostolic See; the Nicaean Empire; Church Union; the coronation of Daniil of Galich


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