Lev Danilovich and riddles «Austrian knot» (1272 - 1278)

L. V. Voitovych


The article attempts to address the complex problems of relations in Central and Eastern Europe in the last stage of the war of Austrian Succession of the Dukes Babenberg. In this war one way or another involved the rulers of the Czech, Hungary, Poland and Russia. Despite the great start the literature, many issues remain controversial. Fragments affected by the participation in this struggle, the Galician-Volyn princes, in particular Lev Danilovich. Analysis of the first Latin-sources makes it possible to re-evaluate the role and place of the kingdom of Russia (Galicia-Volyn principality) and his overlord in European politics, the second half of the thirteenth century.


Babenberg Legacy; Dyunkurt; Lev Danilovich; Laszlo IV; Przemysl Ottokar II; Rudolf of Hapsburg; Boleslaw modesty


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