The Fruits of Providence: Pagans and Sacred History in the Povest’ vremennykh let

D. K. Prestel


In the present study, attempt take place to explore providentialism, for which I will use the broader term Heilsgeschichte or salvation history, once again as a product and reflection of the warrior and scribe ruling class, as a means of estab-lishing the identity of Christian Rus‘ and differentiating it from the surrounding nations and peoples. The chroniclers endeavor to show that as a people chosen and blessed by God, the Rus‘ and their princes can write their own history for good or evil. Good will result in blessings and victories over their enemies, while evil will result in defeat and chastisement. Their greatest hope, however, rests in Gregory of Nyssa‘s further elucidation of his concept of time and Providence: God‘s providen-tial plan is always directed ultimately toward the good for his people.


Chronicle; providentialism; salvation history; Bible


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