Eastern references to the White Croats

O. Karatay


The White Croats were a medieval people of Slavic stock from the north of the Carpathians. They had a kingdom of their own in early medieval. They did not have much influence in regional issues, thus there is no much mention about them in medieval sources. Their relationship with the Balkan Croats and contribution to formation of the latter are the issues increasing historical importance of this peo-ple. Ethnic origins of their nation-makers seem to be non-Slavic. This essay con-tains some new proposals for some mysterious people (Mrvât, Belye Ugry, etc.) attesting in medieval Islamic and Rus‘ sources, for whom scholarship still looks for certain identities. They are related to the White Ogur realm, an early medieval nomadic tribal union in Western Eurasian steppes.


White Croats; Croats; Magyars; Rus‘; Moravians; Byzantium


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