[Review of the book:] Mayorov A. V. Rus', Vizantiya i Zapadnaya Evropa. Iz istorii vneshnepoliticheskikh i kul'turnykh svyazey XII – XIII vv. SPb.: «DMITRIY BULANIN», 2011. 800 s. (STUDIORUM SLAVICORUM ORBIS. Vyp. 1). (Mayorov A.V. Russia, Byzantine and Western Europe. From the history of foreign politics and cultural relations in the 12th - 13th centuries. SPb., 2011. 800 p.).

S. B. Chebanenko


In this paper reviewed monograph of A.V. Mayorov, dedicated mainly to the relations of Galicia - Volhynian Russia with Byzantine Empire, and furthermore with countries of Western Europe and Rome in the end of the 12th - the middle of the 13th centuries.


Galicia-Volhynian Rus'; Western Europe; Rome; diplomacy; Roman Mstislavovitch


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