[Review of the book:] Vojtovych L. Galyc'ko-Volyns'ki etjudy. Bila Cerkva, 2011. 477 s. (Voytovitch L. Galicia-Volhynia sketches. Bila Cerkva, 2011. 477 p.).

O. M. Shchodra


New book of Leontiy Voytovitch - is the balance of his work for the last ten years on the history of Galicia - Volhynian principality. In presented book collected papers, published during 2000 - 2010 in different journals and scholar collections. These papers covers vast range of questions, concerning political and ethnic history,  historical geography and genealogy, source studying and historiography.


The Great Croatia; Galicia-Volhynian Rus'; history; archeology; the Slavs


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