Terebovlia land during 10th–12th centuries on the base of archaeological sources

R. G. Myska


Stages of formation and development of Terebovlia land during 11-13 centuries are described at the article on the base of systematization, cataloging and mapping of archaeological sites and comparing of them with the written sources. System of settling of the territory is characterized, main groups of archaeological sites of the region are classified, and territorial boundaries of the land are defined.
Terebovlia land as a separate administrative unit finally constituted in 11
century, but it was not artificial one, and its origins dates back to earlier stages of development of Slavic society.
With the appearance of Vasylko Rostyslavovych Terebovlia obtained status of the capital of local princedom, and development of the region was accelerated greatly. Considerable number of feudal cities appeared, and most of them at least once referred to chronicles, further increase of social, economic, political factors took place.
With the joining of the region to Kyiv Rus', here, along with new administration, Christianity spread, as one of the keys to strengthening of central government of Kyiv. However, the process of spreading of Christianity was quite slow. Princely castle and town became the main centers of Christianization of population. Here the first Christian churches were built. In parallel with Christianity paganism continued its development. In the eastern margin of the land in Medobory on Zbruch large complex of sanctuaries appeared. Dual belief was characteristic for a significant number of people during this period. It is characterized
by the union of various cults and rituals of both religions.
In the second quarter of the 12 century Halych became the capital of the principality. Parallel separation of Ponyzzia took place. Its original center was in Zvenyhorod on the Dnister. In despite of these factors, economic and social development of Terebovlia continued until the Tatar-Mongol invasion. It remains an important administrative, military, trade and craft center.


Terebovlia land; feudal city; Terebovlya; Mykulyntsi; Zbarazh; Moklekiv; archaeological sites; fortified settlement; settlement; burial


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