The battle near Durnkrut in 1278: the Alliance between Lev Danilovich and Premysl Ottokar II

I. L. Parshyn


This article presents the analysis of latin sources of XV century. All these
chronicles mention that Lev Danilovich, called as “rex Rusciae”, took part in the great battle near Durnkrut in 1278 between Ottokar II of Bohemiaand Rudolf I Habsburg, the founder of Habsburg’s dynasty. All investigated sources indicate Lev Danilovich to be in the troops of Bohemian king. These testimonies are very important to understanding of diplomacy of Galician duke in the last quarter of XIII century. Further scientific debate with involving new sources will shed more light onthis important issue.


Lev Danilovich; “rex Rusciae”; Premysl Otakar II; Rudol I Habsburg; Durnkrut


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