The Tale of the invasion of Batu in the Ipatiev Chronicle. The first part

A. V. Maiorov


The paper concludes that the original text of the southern Russian version the Tale of the invasion of Batu in the most proper form came in the annals of Novgorod-Sofia group, where it then the text with some modifications was in Moscow Chronicle in 1479, and other General Russian chronicles the second half of the 15 –16 centuries.
The first part of the text deals with the reflection of the Tale of the invasion of Batu in the Ipatiev Chronicle, Novgorod-Sophia vault of the first half of the 15 century and later chronicles, analyzes the problem of Kiev and Chernigov chronicles the 13 century. The author offers a historical and textual commentary on the most important news stories: the defense Kozelsk, taking Pereyaslavl and Chernigov; reconciliation Russian princes with the Tartars, Mangu Khan coming to Kiev, flight from Kiev Michael Vsevolodovich, death of Vladimir Rurikovich and the capture of Kiev Rostislav Mstislavich. Separate issue of the importance of machines for stone throwing Mongols and mediation Chernigov Bishop Porphyry.


The invasion of Batu; tale; chronicles; a comment


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