Intersections and contacts between the Old Rus' and Italy durings the 10th–12th centuries

V. B. Perkhavko


History of contacts between Russia and Italy has 1000 years. For different periods they realized in various forms and places, by means of direct and inter-mediary interaction. For the reconstruction of such relations during the 10th–12th centuries it is necessary to use all types of sources: the Russian and foreign (writ-tern, including iscriptions, coins, artifacts), direct and undirect evidences. Before the 13th century the Russian-Italian contacts and intersections had taken place on the territory of the Old Rus', Italy, Byzantium (Constantinople) and Palestine. The author of the article had combined and analyzed the data about the trips of inhab-itants of the Old Rus' to Italy and mentions of the Italian names in the Old Rus-sian literature. The contacts between the Catholic and Othodox confessions, which were connected with the foreign policy, dominated during this period. The Rome as the center of Catholic church especially had been attracted the attention of the Old Russian writers. Using of the information about the ancient Rome al-lowed the Old Rus' had become familiar with the elements of Greco-Roman he-redity.


Old Rus', Italy; Byzantium; Rome; contacts; inter-confessional dialogue


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