Galicia-Volyn principality in the light of recent archaeological research: [Review of the book:] Ters'kyj S. Arheologija doby Galyc'ko-Volyns'koi' derzhavy. Kyev: Starodavnij svit, 2014. 172 s. (Ters'kyj S. Archeology of Galicia-Volyn state. Kiev, Starodavnij svit Publ.,2014. 172 p.)

A. D. Kopytko


This review examines the scientific study of Svyatoslav Terskiy, dedicated to the archeology of Galicia-Volyn Rus of the X-XIV centuries. On the basis of the vast factual evidence studied material culture of Old Russian societies of the period of the Galicia-Volyn state. One can find in the book a holistic picture of the genesis and development of Galicia-Volyn state.


Archeology; archaeological sites; Galicia-Volyn Rus


Терський С. Археологія доби Галицько-Волинської держави. Киев: Стародавній світ, 2014. 172 с.


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