About some questions of interpretation of data of the description of the northern people of the unknown author.

D. E. Mishin


In the paper studied some wittings concerning Ruses, Bulgarians and Burtas, appearing in the work of the unknown author ("Anonymous report") – corpus of the Eastern Europe peoples depiction, written in the Arabic in the end of the 9th – the beginning of the 10th century. Some details of the geographical peoples’ depiction are specified, as well as the authenticity of the "Report".

The article deals with the question of "Rus' island" location - whether it was on sea or on lake; last variant seems to be the most probable. Report about island's length is analyzed and interpreted. The beginning of the studied phrase was lost, so interpreting phrase about three days of travelling, as a pointing island's length, seems to be multivalued. Report's fragment concerning the Burtas, who can mobilize ten thousands of horsemen poses a challenge. More likely reports about ten thousand horsemen covers not the Burtas, but the Volga Bulgars.

Presented work aims only to mark some of the problems, appeared with the interpretation of data from the "Anonymous report". 






Northern people; Rus'; Arab sources; anonymous note; Bulgarians; Burtas


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