Portrayal of Vikings in the Irish Literature of 8 – 11 centuries.

D. S. Lisin


The article presents the specifics display of the Vikings in Irish literature 8 - 11 centuries. Defined features of the way of the Vikings in different sources and Irish chronicles as well. Used the comparative characteristic of terminology used in the description of the Vikings in the text. Separately studied how origin of the authors of chronicles influenced the formation of representations of the Vikings. On the good example of the saga “The War of the Gaedhil with the Gaill” shows the features of the given image in the literature of 11 - 12 centuries. We observe as literature has affects the presentation of the Irish Vikings. Special attention is given for comparison of images of mythical fomorians and Vikings in written sources. We presuppose the existence of differences in the estimates of the Scandinavian warriors by different segments of the population. Article analyzed as portrayal of the Vikings has associated with the cultural tradition of Ireland. Text focuses on pagan, Christian and secular traditions.




Viking Age; Ireland; Brian Boru; "Annals of Ulster"; "The War of the Gaedhil with the Gaill"; Irish mythology; dubgaill; finngaill


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