Provenance of one Old Rus’ manuscript and Davis & Orioli Booksellers firm

F. N. Veselov


The author deals with a provenance of one handwritten illuminated manuscript of the 17th century, which once included two most popular literature works of Medieval Rus’: the ‘Tale of the Rout of Mamai’ and Serbian version of the ‘Alexander Romance’. As has willed, in the 20th century the manuscript was divided and later its parts appeared in two foreign collections: of the British library in London and of the Chester Beatty library in Dublin. Whereas some information concerning the origins of the London codex is already included into academic use, provenance of the Dublin part was still unknown. The investigation of the Chester Beatty papers in the Archive of the Library illuminates not only the story of acquisition of the Dublin codex, but corrects information, concerning provenance of the British library manuscript and even provides an opportunity to take the first steps in investigation of the origins of the monument before its division.


Illuminated manuscripts, Old Rus’ codices, the ‘Tale of the Rout of Mamai’, the ‘Serbian Alexander Romance’, the British library, the Chester Beatty library, antic trade, Russian emigration.


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