Archaeological study of the Middle Ages of Ukraine in the works of S.V. Tersky: [Review of the books]

A. D. Kopytko


Methodological and methodical aspects of monographs and textbooks of Professor Lviv Polytechnic National University, Doctor of History S.V. Tersky, devoted to the problems of the formation and modern development of archaeological science in Ukraine, which studies the domestic Middle Ages, are discussed in the review article. Analyzed in particular key points of the author’s vision of the history of the formation of large ancient Russian cities of Volyn, methodological and methodical issues of their study archaeological and historical of local lore, which largely served as the basis for creating the textbook "Archeology of Ukraine (medieval era)"


Archeology, archaeological sources, historical study of the region, material culture, Middle Ages, medieval city, Ukraine, Galicia, Volyn region.


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