Old Russia Didactic Miscellany of the 14th Century Berlin, Hamilton 381 and its First Owner Alexander, the 10th Duke of Hamilton. The first part

D. M. Bulanin


The political reunion of East Berlin and West Berlin made it possible to return quite a number of rare books to their legal owner, i. e. to Prussia State Library that is known by now under the name of Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz. The important part of the «books repatriants» consists of the manuscripts from the famous collection of Duke Alexander Hamilton, and among the manuscripts from his collection the unique Slavic codex of the collection, the Old Russia didactic miscellany of the 14th century Hamilton 381. The content of the manuscript is composed with the translations from the writings by Byzantine church classics. This piece of Old Russia book culture being in excellent condition and quite unique in content for such a remote epoch surely deserves a monographic study. Its codicological description together with the analysis of its orthographic system and the combination of the texts the miscellany consists of – all this provides the researcher with material to make some conclusions about the provenance of the texts and of the codex as an integral unit.

The combination of several marks makes it possible to isolate out of the codex three rather independent blocks that seem to be taken from different antigraphi. The first block reflects partly the composition of Old Bulgaria miscellany that is known among the specialists under the name of «Menaia selection». This «selection» was compiled at the beginning of the 10th century and it is reflected at different scale in the younger manuscripts mainly of East Slavonic provenance. The block we see in the Hamilton codex conserve the text peculiarities of its ancient original with a minimum of innovations. The very similar parallels to the texts from the second block can be find in two Russian manuscripts written on parchment and almost identical in their content (GIM, Hludov collection, No. 10d; Synod collection, No. 644). The literary pieces those manuscripts includes in them can be in their turn divided in two strata. One stratum goes back to the same time as the formation of the «selection», the other one looks to be a little bit younger. Two strata seem to be joined within Old Russia. The texts from both strata are reflected in the second block of Hamilton manuscript. The third block of the manuscript includes the collection of the sermon by Dorotheos of Gaza. This collection belongs to the redaction that A. V. Gorskij and K. I. Nevostruev considered to be the first one and that can be read besides Hamilton manuscript in only one copy. It is not easy to locate Hamilton manuscript as integral unit, i. e. to say where three blocks described were put together under one and the same cover. We can only exclude from the list of regions that may be its place of origin the South Russian lands.


Сodex, parchment, palaeography, orthography, Church fathers heritage, translation, localization, dating, East Slavonic copies, diplomat, collector, auction.


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