Polotsk land in the last quarter of the XII century

A. P. Pyatnov


Sources on the history of Polotsk in the last quarter of the XII century are very scanty, their interpretation is controversial. A new detailed examination of the sources leads to several conclusions, clarifying or supplementing the provisions of the traditional historiography. First, during this period continued to be three main lines in Polotsk dynasty of Izyaslavichi – «Drutsk», «Minsk» and «Vitebsk» lines. Second, there are no evidences that Vitebsk by 1196 fell into the hands of princes of Smolensk. Third, the study of Polotsk news allows us to establish the role and the political line pursued in the Polotsk land Smolensk prince Davyd Rostislavich (1180 –1197).


Polotsk land; dynasty of Izyaslavichi; Davyd Rostislavich


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