Journal History

Academic and theoretical periodical “Rossica antiqua” is publishing articles concerning Old Rus’ studies beginning from 2010.

In 2006, Saint Petersburg State University published collected volume titled “Rossica antiqua. Studies and materials”. More than twenty researchers from Russia, Ukraine, Central and Western Europe, Northern America, presenting different conceptions, schools and traditions of historical studies took part in this project. Famous Russian and abroad scholars formed Editorial Board of the publishing. The collection enlightened wide range of questions concerning ethno and polygenesis of the Slavs and Rus’, literature and booklore, state institutions, genealogy, relations between Rus’, European countries and the Horde, etc. in the chronological framework from the beginning of the Eastern Slavs to the end of 15th century.

Success of this publication led to an idea to establish a periodical. However, it was started some time later. Academic and theoretical journal “Rossica antiqua”, which is keeping all publishing orientations established by the Editorial Board of the mentioned above collected volume, appeared as a continuance of “Rossica antiqua. Studies and materials”.

Academic and theoretical journal “Rossica antiqua” keeps traditions of historical studies in Old Rus’ nationhood genesis, specialties of social-political relations, typology of low and state institutions, history of foreign politics and international relations. The aim of the periodical is on the one hand to reflect a great variety and wideness of conceptions, formed in contemporary science, on the other hand to encourage consolidation of scholars of different specializations – historians, archeologists, ethnographers, literary scholars, linguists, historians of art. The periodical specially emphasizes on studying and publishing of new or little known sources on Russian history. The periodical publishes works of leading Russian and foreign scholars.