Rossica Antiqua

International academic-theoretical journal "Rossica Antiqua"

publishes studies concerning history of Old Rus'.


Issue's chronological framework covers period from the genesis of the Slavs till the end of the 15th century. The journal aims to show the breadth and diversity of approaches and schools in contemporary Humanities to promote the consolidation of the creative efforts of researchers from various specialties - historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, linguists,  philologists and art historians. Subjects, concerning problems of Eastern Slavs ethnogenesis, genesis of Old Rus' state, characteristics of social-political relations, typology of state and low institutions, history of foreign policies, political and cultural relations are of the highest priority. Particular attention is paid to the study and introduction into scientific circulation of new and little-known sources.

Editorial board members are famous scholars from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Finland, specialized on studies of Old Rus'. 

Journal "Rossica antiqua" is indexed in Google Scholar, EBSCO, Ulrich’s, RSCI, CyberLeninka.


"Rossica antiqua" is an open-access journal.    

The periodical appears twice a year.

Journal is published since 2010.


No 17 (2019)

Table of Contents


A. V. Maiorov
M. Grinberg
D. M. Bulanin
T. I. Afanasyeva
A. M. Vvedenskiy
F. N. Veselov
A. E. Zhukov